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Our Mission

Massage, Nurturing, Wellness & Clarity

Whether it be a one-off treat for yourself or a regular massage, we will work with you to find the best combination of services to suit your needs.

Pregnancy and birth can be the most amazing journey of your life so far. Or it can be the most challenging, difficult and tiring one.

You will find the balance you need at Earthly Birth through pregnancy massage, aromatherapy, postnatal massage or coming along to a birth workshop or baby massage workshop. This will enable you to move into motherhood feeling wonderfully prepared, both physically and emotionally.

Our Staff & Service

Over twelve years experience
Qualified & professional Practitioners

Rebecca Brook is the founder of Earthly Birth. She is a mum to two busy boys, Pregnancy Massage Specialist in Adelaide, Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Baby Massage Instructor and Childbirth Educator. She has twelve years experience in the field of pregnancy and postnatal massage therapy, and dedicates her studies and business to tailoring for the needs of women and women's health.



Our Message

Adelaide Pregnancy Massage, Childbirth and Motherhood Specialists

Earthly Birth will support you through pregnancy with massage therapy, aromatherapy, education & workshops so that you can approach your birth feeling as fabulous as possible. We want you to ooze confidence, be overflowing with knowledge about your options and have a well prepared & nurtured body and mind, all set for the journey into motherhood.

Our Roots

Rebecca Brook is a Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage Specialist, Childbirth Educator, Infant Massage Instructor, Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant.

Earthly Birth as you see it today has grown from humble beginnings in a small clinic at Semaphore. With around ninety percent of the clients being women, Rebecca saw the need for a more intricate and supportive way to provide services to women through aromatherapy, pregnancy care, education and massage.

The business has grown in Adelaide over the last twelve years to now offer everything from Pregnancy Massage, Postnatal Massage, Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga in the southern suburbs, Birth Education Workshops, Massage Training for Birth Partners, Baby Massage classes and now Retreats for mums and babies.

We also collaborate regularly with some of Adelaide's experts in their field such as Dr Sarah Blunden/Dr Brooke Michel (Paediatric Sleep Clinic), Michelle Nangle (PhysioFemme), Donna Mansell (Mother Nurture) and many more.


Our Facilities

Our space inside "The WOW Sensory Centre" at Morphett Vale in the southern suburbs provides a relaxing, comforting space for women with all the special touches.

Our beautiful massage room has lovely natural light, a heated table and a cosy, soothing feel. As you relax on our deliciously comfortable massage table you will sink away into bliss. We use high quality pillows and supports, crisp clean linen and organic massage oil in every treatment to provide you with the best.

Being situated just off Main South Rd means we have plenty of parking in our big car park.

Each treatment is tailored to ensure you get the most out of your session, so that doesn't always mean you are laying on your tummy. After twenty weeks of pregnancy we almost always comfortably support women in side lying positions. There are many reasons for this, but mainly this position supports the uterine ligaments, reduces tension through the lower back and allows the entire body to be fully supported and relaxed. You will feel better for it, trust us!