Pregnancy Yoga

Movement, body awareness and relaxation

Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga classes

Pregnancy/Prenatal Yoga classes

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These classes service pregnant women from all areas across Adelaide, but particularly the southern suburbs.

Your Yoga Teacher is Rebecca Brook, a qualified Yoga Teacher and Certified Level 2 Birthlight for Maternity Professionals Teacher. Rebecca has been teaching Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga for nearly three years.

"I feel honoured to support women before, during and after pregnancy. These classes are kind to your body and your mind. The two are intertwined"

RETURNING IN 2018 - Stay tuned for information coming in February

Common questions

Why should I attend Pregnancy Yoga classes?

These classes are designed to gently strengthen mums, inside and out. Emotionally you will feel balanced, enlightened and educated throughout your course of classes with Earthly Birth. Physically, Pregnancy Yoga helps enhance stamina, improves your breathing, gently tones your muscles, improves body awareness and assists your preparation for birth - whatever kinds of birth that may be.

When can I start Pregnancy Yoga?

You can commence yoga preferably after the first trimester. However many mums like to begin earlier. The Earthly Birth classes are gentle and encourage support and nurturing of your body in the first trimester. So if you have concerns please give us a call before booking to discuss your options.

What do I wear?

Comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Yoga involved movement, stretching, lengthening, and bending. You also have time for deep relaxation which means you definitely want to be comfortable! Some women choose tracksuit pants, maternity yoga pants, shorts - whatever you are comfortable in.

I am not flexible...will it matter?

Not at all. Rebecca trained with Birthlight International, whose philosophies in maternity care involve supporting women in all stages of health and wellbeing. Whether you can touch your toes or not is not relevant. These classes are about involving you with your own body, feeling each movement, breathing correctly and accessing deeper muscles that help support you through pregnancy. This is not a "bendy, stretchy" class!

I have some pregnancy health issues. Can I still come?

Definitely, we would love to see you through your journey to being a mum. But please do contact us on 0419 819 653 to discuss what your current health status is, and if we need to take any extra precautions prior/during the classes. If you think you may have some difficulties, also discuss Pregnancy Yoga with your main Health Care Provider. We may seek prior approval to attend a Pregnancy Yoga class in some cases.

What do I bring?

Bring along a closed water bottle/drink bottle, comfortable clothes, cash for class payment and an open mind!

Hope to see you soon!
PS classes often book out so be sure sure to BOOK YOUR PLACE VIA TEXT on 0419 819 653 before attending due to limited class sizes